Sunday, March 25, 2012

Batman pulled over by police for having improper licence plate

Montgomery County Police made an unlikely traffic stop on Friday afternoon.

Batman was behind the wheel with the wrong tags on his Batmobile. Officers pulled the Caped Crusader heading southbound on Route 29 at Prelude Drive.

The back tag on the Batmobile - in this case a black Lamborghini - was the superhero's emblem rather than state tags required by law.

YouTube link.

Police did not say whether they uncovered Batman’s true identity. They did say however that he was heading to a hospital to visit sick children.


Gareth said...

To the best of my knowledge the "real" batman has never driven a Lambo.

The Comedian said...

In "Batman Begins" Bruce Wayne drove a Lamborghini MurciƩlago. MurciƩlago means bat in Spanish.

Gareth said...

The real batman is the one that appears in the comic books. Not the one that can't go five minutes without a product placement.

Insolitus said...

Batman isn't real.