Sunday, March 18, 2012

Naked family chanted 'God is great' outside school

After stripping to their bare skins in the parking lot outside Upper Darby High School, a Philadelphia family of four were arrested on Friday. Police took them into custody after finding them inside a parked van on the school grounds at about 1 p.m. chanting, "'God is great'" and "'Jesus Lord, Saviour,'" said Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.

Chitwood said it was unclear why the woman, Sarah Butler, 44, of the 100 block of West Manheim Street, her children, Joanne Butler, 23; Bessie Butler, 22, and 14-year-old son, decided to take off their clothes. He said she had arrived at the school about 10 a.m. demanding to see a student to whom she may be related.

After she was denied admission to the school, the four lay on the ground and began chanting. Eventually they shed their clothing in a parking space and then climbed into a nearby van. School security officers notified police, and when they arrived, the four were inside the van chanting and had locked arms.

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The adults are to be charged with defiant trespass, disorderly conduct and open lewdness, he said. The mother also will be charged with corruption of a minor. The 14-year-old was placed into the custody of Children and Youth Services. Chitwood said the woman may have "mental health issues."

There's a news video here.


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Members of Westboro Baptist?

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