Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Coffin-shaped pie advert slammed

A giant billboard which links death with eating meat has been criticised by the National Obesity Forum (NOF). The advert shows a coffin-shaped pie and asks the question 'Not ready to meat your maker?'. It also recommends veganism in the fight against obesity.

Campaign group Peta said it placed the advert in Gloucester because of a new mortuary in the city for obese bodies. Tam Fry, from the NOF, said the advert was "laughable" and an attempt to make a point out of others' misfortune. Peta said that Gloucester had the first mortuary in Britain to accommodate bodies weighing up to 50 stone.

This has been disputed by Gloucestershire County Council which says that its new mortuary - officially opened last week - is one of many in the country that can take bodies of this size. Mr Fry said it was "ridiculous" that Gloucester had been targeted because the city was one of the less obese areas in the country.

"We want to do all we can to lessen obesity but I do not think it appropriate at all to draw attention to it in this manner," he added. Yvonne Taylor, from Peta, said the billboard was deigned to highlight a link between meat pies and pasties and obesity and other ailments. "The best thing that coffin dodgers can do for their health and to help animals is to go vegan," she said.


Ratz said...

I spent a full year as a vegan (including birthday and christmas). I'm not a good enough cook to make the ingredients you're limited to taste of anything other than gravel. I went back to tasty animals shortly thereafter. Hey, if we weren't supposed to eat them they wouldn't be made out of meat, would they?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually expect proportionality, honesty or decency from peta?

Anonymous said...

Well at least they didn't call fat women whales this time. Progress!