Sunday, April 01, 2012

New coffin ready for bacon flavoured afterlife

A Seattle-based company known for its exploits in bacon-flavoured products has announced that it has found a way to help bacon lovers celebrate their favourite food for eternity, with the world’s first bacon-decorated casket.

J&D's bacon coffins are available for $2,999.95, and are finished with painted bacon and pork shading and accented with gold stationary handles. The interior has an adjustable bed and mattress, a bacon memorial and is adorned with ivory crepe coffin linens.

YouTube link.

The company said each bacon casket is made of 18-gauge gasketed steel and comes equipped with all the features a discerning bacon enthusiast would demand in the afterlife, including a bacon-scented air freshener. No returns are accepted.


Anonymous said...

Because you should be buried in what killed you?

Anonymous said...

At least it'd make for one delicious-smelling corpse! :D

WilliamRocket said...

Yes, NellieVaughn, for those that die from bowel cancer. Its weird how people wont accept the fact that eating animals kills them both. I do charity work for terminally ill cancer patients and all their oncologists tell them to stop eating meat so as to give them a better chance of living.