Friday, May 25, 2012

Confusion over whether student exposed her genitals in yearbook photo

While many students graduating high school and moving on to the world beyond want to leave a lasting impression on their alma maters, most don’t attempt a legacy by exposing their private parts during graduation.

However, a North Carolina student at Lake Norman High School’s 2011 graduation ceremony possibly did just that, and the incident went largely unnoticed until the school issued yearbooks this year.

That’s when students and parents - who paid $100 for the book - noticed the girl on page 14 lifting her gown and exposing herself. The full photo depicts nine students smiling and laughing. Some are looking at the camera; others are looking away. The teen, whose identity has not been released by school district officials, stands in the front row with her gown lifted waist high.

YouTube link.

One parent who noticed the photo after flipping through her child’s yearbook said she was outraged by the photo and called it pornography. She has two children at the school and purchased two yearbooks, she said. “When it was brought to my attention from my child, I was appalled," she said. Other parents and students think the issue is being blown out of proportion.

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Anonymous said...

Um, unless the black bar really isn't hiding her bare genitals, then no, it is not being blown out of proportion, it is repellent in the extreme and should be harshly punished. The child thinks she thought of the consequences, but she and her participating friends, have no idea. --A.

Barbwire said...

It's hard to believe this got by the faculty yearbook advisor and the publisher.