Sunday, June 17, 2012

Couple get married twice in one day because the bride hadn't said 'I do'

A dream beach wedding had to be held twice – because the bride hadn’t said “I do”. Kelly Sweetman and Nathan Rees, both 25, had kissed and left the service in Cyprus when their wedding planner realised the bride had not said the crucial words. And they had to go through the ceremony again an hour later to make the marriage legally binding.

Kelly explained: “Nathan said his vows, the registrar told him to put the wedding ring on me and then announced that we were man and wife. I thought it was very strange I hadn’t said my vows but I didn’t say anything. I did notice all my guests looking very confused. Nathan and I then signed the register and were about to have our pictures taken.

“It was only when the wedding organiser overheard my guests saying that I hadn’t said my vows that it went a bit crazy. The hotel had to call the county hall and get the registrar back out to the hotel. They had to re-decorate the wedding altar for us.” Nathan and Kelly flew from their home in Cardiff for the beach wedding organised by the hotel.

“Luckily everyone saw the funny side,” said Kelly. “The registrar was amazing and bought all our guests drinks, which was really nice. It was just one of those things. The registrar had carried out the service many, many times but just forgot my vows this time.” Nathan added: “I didn’t mind having to go through the service again. I got to kiss the bride twice. I’d marry Kelly every day if I could.”

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Gareth said...

Don't know if things are different in Cyprus but normally it is the signing of the register that is the legally binding part of a marriage, not the verbal vows.