Thursday, June 14, 2012

Diners enjoy watching dogs chase and kill the chickens they're about to eat

A restaurant boss has told how business really pecked up when he put a bizarre dish on the menu - where diners watch dogs chase and kill the chickens they're about to eat.

Cui Feng - whose remote restaurant is at the foot of Huzhua Mountain, Hubei province, central China - claims customers can't get enough of the dish, which translates from Mandarin as 'Puppy Catches Chicken.'

"The dogs love it and so do the customers," he explained. "They either catch the chicken and bring it to the kitchen or chase it down the mountain to where the cooks are waiting to lop off the chickens head and put it in the pot.

"What the dogs like is that they get the leftover chicken to eat afterwards," added Cui. But he denies that the dish is cruel. "The chickens will die anyway, so they don't care. And the people did a good meal and they get good entertainment at the same time – that is why the dishes so popular," he explained.


Unknown said...

Kinda skeevy on some level...but its feet touch grass. More than you can say for most (all?) of the chicken I've ever eaten.

Ratz said...

They chicken may die anyway, but it probably didn't want its last moment to be spent fleeing in terror from a predator that won't kill it cleanly.

Brixter said...

It's ok I guess. They're going to die anyway. At least with this arrangement, it would distract them from eating the dogs.

Dogs > chickens to me.

Anonymous said...

How sad. I know there is enough grace to cover even those people who enjoy tormenting defenseless creatures but I'm definitely not the one to give it.

Fumble Bum said...

I think that at it's most simple, this is making the unfortunate necessity of killing the chicken for food into a spectacle of death as entertainment.

Killing is NEVER entertainment. Ever. We do it because we have to, to survive. Turning it into entertainment is just depraved.

Anonymous said...

Another giant NO!