Thursday, June 14, 2012

Inmate breaks out of holding cell only to run into a courtroom that is currently in session

A suspect tried to escape police custody Monday after his hearing at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

A spokesperson with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said first and foremost no one's security was ever at risk and Monday’s attempted escape is an example of how courtroom security works.

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The inmate had already been in court for his hearing when he attacked a deputy. The man was placed in a holding cell after his hearing and when they tried to get another inmate out of the same cell, police said he charged the door and pushed the deputy back as he was trying to escape.

The inmate and the deputy then stumbled into a courtroom. The inmate made it about 20 ft. before he was tackled and deputies took control. Police have not released the inmates name or his original charges, but did say he is now charged with attempted escape and assault.

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