Saturday, June 16, 2012

Man banned from leaving his home with a fish slice

A angry boyfriend has been banned from leaving his house with a fish slice.

Lee Brodie, 24, had been due to be sentenced for chasing a man with the kitchen utensil. And, after admitting the breach of the peace last month, he was ordered to stay indoors during the hours of darkness.

But background reports were not ready. So Falkirk sheriff William Gallacher changed the curfew until July 12. He told him: “But you can’t be out brandishing fish slices.”

The accused had chased the man with the spatula after he had threatened Brodie’s girlfriend at the door of their house in Manor Street, Falkirk. Graeme McLachlan, prosecuting, described the fish slice as “fairly flimsy and has holes in it”. He added: “It is generally used to serve fish.”

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