Sunday, June 24, 2012

Miracle cat survives getting impaled on metal fence spike

A lucky cat cat has used one of his nine lives after skewering himself on a metal fence spike. The unfortunate moggy was found by RSPCA officers in an overgrown garden, with the huge piece of Victorian fencing sticking straight through his body. A passerby raised the alarm after hearing his cries of pain in Wolverhampton, and when they arrived vets had to sedate the feline because he was in so much pain.

The cat — dubbed Spikey by his rescuers — underwent emergency surgery to repair the five-inch wound, but vets feared he may die from stress and blood loss. But amazingly, he survived the horrific ordeal, and is now well on the road to recovery. He is being cared for by RSPCA support specialist Rachele Follini at her home in Shropshire.

Rachele, who has cared for hundreds of injured cats, said Spikey’s wound was the worst she had ever seen. She believes Spikey probably made a jump and didn’t realise the fence was there. She said: “The garden where they found Spikey was very overgrown so chances are he was jumping down from something and didn’t see the spike, he must have hit it with some force because it went right through him.

“We think Spikey might have an owner because it was thanks to his good condition that he survived for as long as he did, and he’s been neutered. Spikey is doing well now and the vets don’t think he’ll lose his leg, he’s a very affectionate cat and he’s got a lovely nature to him. I guess he’s lost one of his nine lives now but he doesn’t seem to have let it get him down. He’ll just have to look before he leaps from now on.”


Anonymous said...

Something similar happened to a friend of mine after she broke into a cemetery, and was convinced she saw a ghost. She is a live and well, and has one hell of a scar to go along with her story.

Anonymous said...

Hope the little guy gets reunited with his owner(s).