Friday, July 13, 2012

Chinese road fence collapses like row of dominoes

A road dividing fence chain on a bridge fell like dominoes, with the last section hitting a minivan, on Tuesday in Jinhua City, China's Zhejiang Province. Fortunately, no serious damages were caused.

A surveillance camera footage recorded the spectacular domino display of the 1.5-kilometre long road dividing fence chain on Shuanglong Bridge in just 30 seconds.

Local traffic police soon arrived at the scene to lift the 10-ton road dividing fence chain section by section.

YouTube link.

This is the second time for the fence chain to fall, according to Shao Zhichang, deputy head of a traffic police brigade in Jinhua. The first fall happened ten days ago.


Brixter said...

Made in China

Anonymous said...

You would think they would want to make that more permanent