Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Man uncovers mysterious old woman walking in his garden using night vision camera

A wildlife lover was shocked when a video camera he set up to film animals at night took ghost-like images of an elderly woman. Dick Williams was ‘gobsmacked’ when he saw the film of a female in slippers and a dressing gown on a path in his back garden.

Photo from SWNS.

Mr Williams, 88, and police officers have so far failed to identify the woman, who was in the garden at about 10pm. ‘We spoke to the police and they took a photo round to local nursing homes, but we haven’t heard anything back yet,’ he said.

‘We wondered whether it was someone sleepwalking or someone living at the local residential home. I don’t think it’s a ghost. I don’t believe in them. Of course, people can make up their own minds.’ He added: ‘Nobody has come forward to say that they might know who it is.

YouTube link.

‘Because of the angle the camera was at we could only see her legs up to her lower back. She was heading towards the shed when she disappeared out of view and at no point did she come back into shot.' Mr Williams, who lives with his wife in Churchstoke, Powys, had put out the camera to film local wildlife.

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Miss Liss said...

Would've been a better story as I first read the headline... A man pulling a cover off an old lady, she's wearing night vision goggles... I imagine her being shocked at having her cover blown and scuttling off... ;)