Sunday, July 15, 2012

Schoolchildren asked to 'grade' swear words as to how bad they are

A school has sparked fury by teaching children as young as 11 highly ­offensive swear words. Pupils were handed out ­worksheets asking whether they thought bad language, including the word c*** was appropriate or not. Angry dad Lawrence Sparks said he was “disgusted” when daughter Lauren, 12, brought the paper home.

The 52-year-old added: “It is teaching kids bad language to me. When they have sex ­education lessons they ask the parents whether they want their children involved and this should be the same. We know kids might swear in the playground but this is encouraging them.”

Click for bigger. Contains NSFW language.

Lawrence claimed he had phoned the head of Shafton Advanced Learning Centre in Barnsley to complain. He added: “She thought it was acceptable.” Lauren’s stepmother Karen Young, 43, said: “She said kids were going mad in class, shouting the swear words.”

The paper asked if it was appropriate to swear in certain situations, such as telling friends to “f*** off”. The Campaign for Courtesy group banded the paper “appalling”. The school’s head was unavailable but a spokesman denied there had been complaints. He added: “As part of our social responsibility we educate students to understand what kind of language is appropriate and in what context.”

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Anonymous said...

Although I do not improve of this method of teaching, I think this parent should be more concerned with the fact that his child is in year 7 and she can't write legibly. That writing looks like something I would have written in year two.