Friday, July 13, 2012

Snuff World Championship held in Germany

Competitors from all over the world battled it out to put as much snuff up their noses as possible, at the 18th annual Snuff World Championships in Bavaria, Germany.

Nearly 300 men and women gathered in Peutenhausen, Germany's powdered tobacco heartland, with the ultimate aim of consuming five grams of snuff in 60 seconds. The rules may be straightfoward but as last year's champion Christian Knauer Junior explains, competition is fierce:

"It's like being a football player, he also wouldn't say after 90 minutes that his feet didn't hurt and it was just a nice walk. Instead you have to get into it. The nasal mucosa suffers a bit, but that goes away after a few minutes, then it's okay again."

YouTube link.

While many are proud to take part in the competition, others like American Wayne Smith prefer to keep it under wraps: "We keep it a secret. I tell them we're representing the United States of America in an international competition, a world championship."

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