Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Woman finds rusty homemade knife in bag of sweets

A Santa Clara woman made a disturbing discovery in a bag of sweets: An old, rusty razor blade mixed in with her Jolly Ranchers. Amy Hu bought the candy at a Safeway in Santa Clara and since the manufacturer has not issued a recall, the sweets are still on store shelves. Hu says she was completely shocked by what she found in the Jolly Rancher Crunch and Chew bag. "I was all excited to try them out. Opened it up, ate two pieces first, went back in for my third piece and pulled this right out of the bag and was just in disbelief," she recalled.

The package was completely sealed and what was inside, was a dull rusty blade partially wrapped in white tape. Hu contacted both the Santa Clara police and the Hershey Company. "They offered me three bags of candy replacement and I was like, 'I don't want anything. I just want to know this isn't going to happen again. I just want to know that kids are going to be safe,'" she said.

The wrapper says the product is manufactured in Brazil. When contacted, Hershey issued this statement: "Food safety and the well-being of our customers is a top priority for The Hershey Company. We were contacted by the customer regarding this incident and immediately began reviewing our processes related to our JOLLY RANCHER CRUNCH 'N CHEW Candy. We have apologized to the customer and, while there was no injury, we take this situation seriously.

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"We believe this is an isolated case and accidental in nature. We will be taking the needed actions to prevent this happening in the future." Hu says that before the incident, she never had reason to worry. She hopes finding the object serves as a wake-up call for the company. "That's just clearly my point of getting this across. I just want to make sure they're taking it seriously so children don't grab this and find a shank knife inside of it," she said. Hu has a one-year-old daughter and a one-month-old daughter, making the incident a special concern for her.

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