Wednesday, September 05, 2012

ATMs installed in Indian police stations to ward off thieves

Banks in India's Jaipur city have begun installing cash machines inside police stations in a bid to ward off burglars.

The government-owned Bank of Baroda became the first to install a cash machine inside the Kotwali police station in north Jaipur. The police have rented out the space at 20,000 rupees (£227; $360) a month. Jaipur has 59 police stations.

Thieves have often targeted unguarded ATMs in the city to steal cash. In one case, they escaped with a machine. A Bank of Baroda official said they would no longer need to deploy security guards at the ATMs since burglars would not dare to enter a police station.

Jaipur police commissioner BL Soni said that they had reached an understanding with both government and private banks to install ATMs at police stations. "The scheme will benefit both sides. It will ensure security [for the ATMs] and we will earn some rent," Mr Soni said.


Anonymous said...

£227 = $359

arbroath said...

And 20,000 RS = $360.

But thank you for spotting the deliberate mistake. :)