Monday, September 24, 2012

Diligent police officer goes beyond the call of duty to assist four-year old find his lost teddy bear

When four-year-old Jasper Löfquist lost his treasured red teddy "Beb" he was so distraught he asked his mum to call the boys in blue. "It was his idea to go to the police; he said maybe we should report it and they can help me find it," his mother Annemo Löfquist from Quakers Hill, New South Wales, Australia, said.

"The officer arrived with paper and pen and asked him what the teddy bear's name was, what he looks like, what colour he is, when he lost him, whether he has looked for him yet and where he lives."

Ms Löfquist said she was was so grateful to the officers at Quakers Hill LAC. "It was the highlight of his life and he feels so much happier. He is very excited knowing they are looking for it and that they might find it. The toy was given to him by his grandmother who lives in Sweden," said Ms Löfquist.

Constable Jason Blackbourn said Jasper was calmer after speaking to police. "I told him we would have a look for it and he seemed quite happy knowing we were on the case."

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Barbwire said...

Some contrast with the cowboy cops in Houston who killed a double amputee for waving a pen around. Maybe I should emigrate.