Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Man jailed after bizarre break-in at youth training centre

A man has been jailed for four weeks after a bizarre break-in at a youth training centre in which he caused thousands of pounds worth of damage and played the Playstation for four hours. Paramkesh Ballgobin, 20, of no fixed abode, tumbled through the ceiling of Road 2 Success, formerly Sutton and District Training Centre, in Sutton, South London, at around 2.15am on Thursday September 6.

He is caught on CCTV in a string of strange actions - making himself a cup of tea, taking off his clothes, playing the Playstation Games console, and ripping a poster off the wall which said "Some people are gay, get over it". His fall through the window 12ft off the ground and through the suspended ceiling, landing on metal projects belonging to the students, caused thousands of pounds of damage.

Aaron McCormack, 24, from Carshalton, who works as a key skills tutor at the centre, said: "He’s just broken in and done a couple of grands worth of damage and sat on the Playstation for four hours. He’s so lucky. He could have killed himself. We’ve been looking through the CCTV all day. He tries to get the TV to work.

"I think he was getting the hump because the TV remote wasn’t working. He rips off a poster - he absolutely doesn't like that. He finds himself a KFC cup to supply his drinks all morning. He just gets a chair out and then sits and plays the Playstation. I reckon he was playing Fifa. It's half five and he's got a drink and no clothes on - strange. It wouldn’t be such an issue is he’d just come in and played Playstation - we work hard in these training rooms."


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