Tuesday, October 09, 2012

14-year-old girl 'tried to kill boys by poisoning their brownies'

It was an apology for acting out that morphed into an attempted murder charge. A batch of brownies, meant as a peace-offering for teasing two boys who lived across the road, landed a Brisbane girl in serious trouble on Sunday night, after she allegedly laced them with toilet and window cleaners. It's alleged the teenager made the brownies in an attempt to apologise for behaving badly towards the two boys, aged 12 and 13, earlier that day at Richlands, west of Brisbane, Australia.

But it all went awry when she allegedly doused the brownies in toxic household chemicals before walking across the street and offering them to the boys on the last day of the school holidays. The boys' mother, who would not be named, said one of her sons took a bite of one of the teenager's brownies, before realising something was very wrong. "They only had one bite, thank goodness," she said. "I'm just glad my younger one, who is seven, didn't get given one. You could smell it . . . it was very strong. I'm just horrified by what has happened."

The boys did not require medical treatment after eating the allegedly poisonous brownies. Police late on Sunday night charged the 14-year-old with attempted murder, administering a poison with intent to harm, and two counts of acts intended to maim. She was held at Richlands Magistrates Court overnight on Sunday, before making a successful bid for bail yesterday afternoon before Magistrate Deborah Vasta.

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The teenager, who cannot be identified, was represented by defence lawyer and founder of Sisters Inside Debbie Kilroy. Ms Kilroy made no comment about her client outside court, other than to say the teenager was "fine" and holding up well despite the very serious allegations against her. Mrs Vasta allowed the teenager to walk free ahead of a committal mention on November 28. It is understood that the Department of Community Safety has found alternate accommodation for the young woman while she awaits court proceedings.

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