Friday, October 05, 2012

City Hall evacuated after man named 'Kaboom' forgot walking stick

Akron City Hall in Ohio was evacuated after a strange pipe was found on the third floor. Workers feared it could be a bomb. They were very wrong. Turns out the duct taped walking stick was accidentally left by a man with the last name of Kaboom.

The stick is a metal shower curtain rod with duct tape on each side. It also has the words "this is not a weapon" and "Kaboom" written on it. City workers were evacuated, but Akron police quickly found the 66-year-old who goes by the names "Natural Hunka Kaboom" or James Kaboom.

Kaboom said he mistakenly left his walking stick at city hall and planned to pick it up next week. His neighbours call the whole thing very odd, but agreed city hall couldn't take any chances. "If you've got a pipe that says Kaboom on it, I'd be nervous too," one neighbour said.

YouTube link.

Akron police Lt. Rick Edwards said there won't be any charges at this point. "Our officers did talk to him. They said it was a walking stick. Didn't appear there was any intent to create a panic or any hysteria at the city hall."


Elena said...

It's not his fault to have a exotic last name.

Gareth said...

Elena it might not be his fault for having that name, but why did he feel the need to write his name on a bit of curtain rod? The fact that he has written "this is not a weapon" shows that he's aware that there's a problem.

Furthermore it's not like he needs to write his name on it because it's valuable. It's a bit of scrap.

Finally he can't really need the damn thing in the first place if he walked out without it.

Barbwire said...

I suspect the Kaboom is not his birth name.