Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kidnapped goat returned with pink manicured hooves

Two pranksters stole a goat from a petting zoo in Pacific Beach, San Diego, and later returned it after giving it a pedicure. The entire incident, which occurred at about 2 am on Sunday, was caught on surveillance video. On the video, a woman is seen hopping over a fence at the PB Pumpkin Patch in Pacific Beach to steal a goat.

The owner, Darryl Dadon, said: "[The goat] jumps on your lap and kisses you. He's really sweet." He said the goat receives a lot of attention from visitors and for good reason. "He's really sweet," Dadon said. "He was bottle-fed for the first 6 months of his life. He's almost like a dog."

Workers at the Pumpkin Patch said they can almost understand what happened. "We're OK that we have our goat back," said Dadon. "We're not OK that they jumped the fence and stole our goat." The video shows the woman scooping up the goat, unlocking the fence and running away. An accomplice is seen in the background.

YouTube link.

The next day, the thieves dropped the goat off unharmed. After they dropped off the goat, they left immediately. However, they did dress him up a bit for another day on display with pink painted nails. "[Goats] go to the bathroom a lot," said Dadon. "I can only imagine what their house looks like. It's kind of karma for them." Though the owner does not want to press charges, police said they would still like to ask the thieves a few questions.

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