Saturday, October 27, 2012

MP's 'wanker' slur stuns Australian parliament

An Australian MP Geoff Shaw is under attack over claims he made an obscene gesture and swore in parliament.

Mr Shaw, a state Liberal MP, is facing accusations that he simulated masturbation and said "wanker" during a debate in parliament. He claims he was merely pointing at the opposition and said "whackers".

The dispute prompted the Speaker of Victoria's parliament to release footage of the incident, which appeared to contradict the claim by Mr Shaw, that his gesture was inoffensive.

YouTube link.

The Opposition called for the Premier to sack Mr Shaw, who was already accused of misusing his taxpayer-funded car. The state's Premier, Ted Baillieu, has stood by Mr Shaw so far, saying he had watched the footage three times and believed it was "inconclusive".

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