Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Naked caveman with cell phone terrorizes Texas

Some people in El Paso, Texas, say they live in fear of the naked caveman in McKelligon Canyon.

Over the weekend, some hikers discovered a cave complete with furnishings and other signs of life when, they claim, a naked man sprang from the cave and chased them down the mountainside.

The caveman has been terrorizing people for nearly three years, according to some residents of an apartment community just below the mountain. They say that sometimes he can even be seen taking baths in their laundry room and working out on their jungle gym. Other residents claim the mountain man steals their clothes.

YouTube link.

However, the nameless cave dweller disagrees. He says that he isn’t hurting anyone, and the “busy bodies” of the community make up lies about him running around naked. “If that’s true, where’s the pictures?” he asked. The caveman says that he keeps up on current events with his cell phone and lives off of donating plasma, public donations and by recycling cans.

There's a news video here.

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Candy said...

Give him a few bucks and leave him alone he's not hurting anyone.