Thursday, November 22, 2012

3-week-old kitten rescued after three days inside Abraham Lincoln statue

Fire departments are used to getting calls about cats being stuck in trees. But when a kitten is trapped inside a statue, it's a different story.

A 3-week-old kitten was trapped inside the Abraham Lincoln statue at the President's Hall of Fame in Clermont, Florida stuck there for three days, according to Daniel Davis with the Humane Society.

"I have no idea. Someone says there is a hole up on top there. I haven't been able to get up on top. I don't see how a little kitten, a 3-week-old kitten, could have gotten up there. It couldn't have crawled there," said Davis.

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The fire department drilled a hole at the top of the statue, and firefighter Robert Seigworth lowered himself inside to make the rescue. Fittingly, the cat will be named Abe. John Zweifel, the curator of the museum who made the statue, wants to adopt the kitten and make his new home the President's Hall of Fame.

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