Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dog rescued from septic tank

Shelly, an 11-year-old Delray Beach family's pointer, stirred up the neighbourhood on Tuesday night when the 96-pound dog fell into an open septic tank and prompted a rescue by Delray Beach Fire Rescue and Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. Late in the evening authorities got a peculiar call: Shelly had somehow fallen into the septic tank.

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The tank was open in the front yard because it needed some work, the family told authorities. Most of the waste had been pumped out of the tank by a septic worker before Shelly fell in. When the family found their beloved pooch, Shelly was sitting in faeces, 6 feet below ground. How she got there remains a mystery.

Rescue crews arrived a short time later. It was unclear if Shelley was hurt. Crews quickly put on yellow protective suits and orange boots and built a make-shift webbing harness, pre-fitted using the family's other dog. Both dogs are similar in size.

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Emergency workers then set up a tripod and winch system, which is typically used to rescue dogs. A worker descended into the tank and wrapped Shelley's body in the harness, then attached it to the tripod. Another worker manned a crank from above and hauled Shelly out of the hole. Shelly appeared unharmed, but rescue crews encouraged the family to follow up with their veterinarian.


Ratz said...

Due to the stench, I hastily walked past someone who was sitting on the edge of an open septic tank to do some work on it. Further up the tow-path I past a large bouncy dog and its owner running after it.. about 30 seconds later there was a cry of "NO! Get away!" from the septic-tank guy. I suspect the dog had made a new friend and was threatening to knock him in.

arbroath said...

Heh heh heh!