Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Man accidentally donated wife's shoes stashed with life savings

Richard Lopez and his team at the Goodwill in Webster, Texas help to change lives in small ways every day. He says a recent good deed was just another good day at work. "We have policies here at Goodwill, we want to make sure we're uh doing the right thing."

Lopez says a man took in a bag of clothes and shoes over the weekend. As an employee started arranging the items on shelves he noticed a something stuck inside one of the shoes.  Upon looking at them discovered quite a large wad of $100 bills that ended up being about $3,300.

Lopez says his team being the honest employees they are alerted him. So Lopez planned to set the money aside for seven days to see if anyone claimed it and sure enough a woman did. Clarence Cope was working that day. "She was so grateful and she was crying."

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Turns out the woman's husband had given away the shoes not realizing his wife had been stashing their life savings inside. Cope eagerly returned the money after the woman described just how much she lost in detail. "We were so happy that we were able to get the money to the right person."

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