Thursday, November 29, 2012

'One pound fish man' gets record deal - Update

A market stall-holder at Queen’s Market, Upton Park, London who shifted his catch of the day in a tuneful, not to mention recession-friendly, manner has landed a record deal (a one single deal with Warners, that is).

Muhammad Shahid Nazir, 31, from Pakistan, better known as £1 Fish Man, will release “The £1 Fish Song” on 9 December.

He is set to make lots more money than he would selling £1 fish from the single's release, with the Official UK Singles Charts naming it as a "renegade contender" for Christmas number one.

YouTube link.

"The song has got people hooked everywhere. That and a genuinely uplifting story of someone coming to this country to make a better life for himself and in hope of being able to bring his family over with him," Anton Partridge at Warners said.

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Girludontknow said...

Luvvvv one pound fish song HILLAREOUS!!!!