Saturday, November 24, 2012

Relief for some as giant eagle owl is captured in North Devon

An eagle owl with a six foot wing span has been caught in Northam, Devon after some people complained it was terrorising them and their pets. The huge bird of prey was caught in Bay View Road. But while some residents were pleased the owl has been caught others were unhappy and complained to police that it had been taken illegally.

Photo from SWNS.

Sandra and Peter Morris, who live in Bay View Road, said they were relieved when the owners of the Owls R Us owl sanctuary, in Chulmleigh managed to catch the bird. Peter, 65, said: “We haven't been able to let our three young grandchildren out in the garden for months. We got more concerned when the owl tried to attack our poodle Minnie. Minnie was out in the garden and I saw the owl swoop. I got in the way to protect the dog and the bird flew into me.

Photo from SWNS.

“It didn't draw blood or knock me over but it was a big weight. We love the bird to bits. We have seen it in our garden since February, but it was just the risk it was posing. We were beginning to feel really trapped in our home and it really has been a worry. We know being in a sanctuary will be the best for the bird's welfare. It has been looking so lonely.”

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Some of the street’s residents enjoyed having the owl around and were leaving food out for it. One resident, who allowed the owl into his living room, said: ‘He isn’t harming anyone. He was like a pet cat.' PC Martin Beck, a police wildlife liaison officer, confirmed an investigation was ongoing and would be completed once a DEFRA licence for the bird’s capture had been obtained. The eagle owl has been a talking point in North Devon for more than a year after it was first spotted in Westward Ho! in October 2011.

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