Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Remote controlled buggy driven by toddler passenger

A dad in America has invented a prototype of a mechanised stroller that does not need to be pushed and can be driven by its passenger.

Xandon Frogget has created the robot kit which includes a Wii remote and Xbox Kinect. Combined with a laptop he has managed to create a system which can power the buggy via a ready-made steering wheel.

YouTube link.

Xandon said: "It takes about 10 minutes to attach and does not require any destructive modification to the stroller. When you're done playing, you can return the stroller to it's original configuration unharmed."

Children can 'drive' the buggy themselves with the steering wheel and the Kinect part senses obstacles and avoids them. However, there are mixed opinions about the concept. Some praise the idea while others question the safety of a buggy that does not need an adult to hold the handlebars.

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