Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Santa forced to buy unnecessary business licence

Some employees in Shelby County, Tennessee, are off Santa's nice list.

William Mitchell, who dresses as Santa to entertain at Christmas parties, says the county unnecessarily forced him to buy a business licence.

The county clerk's office says anyone who sells a service must have a business licence, but only if they make over $3,000 a year, but last year, Mitchell only made about $100. Mitchell didn't realize that stipulation at the time he bought the $30 business licence.

"I want them to get off my back, return my $30 and let me try to keep the wolf away from my door," he says. Mitchell says the grinches at the clerk's office had better give him back his $30, or else. "If they're expecting anything other than switches and ashes for Christmas, they are suffering from a delusion."

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