Sunday, November 18, 2012

Speeding motorist had turned his car into a mobile office

The speeding driver of this car stunned police when they found he had converted his motor into a mobile office. Officers clocked the Ford Mondeo doing 130kph in a 100kph zone in Saarbrucken, Germany.

And when the police went to speak to the 35-year-old motorist they were amazed to see the interior of his car resembled a chaotic office space.

On the passenger seat was a voltage converter and printer with a laptop placed perfectly in the driver’s line of sight.

There were also two Mobile phones, a sat-nav and GPS signal receiver placed on the windscreen alongside a number of empty drinks bottles and cigarette packets.  Officers ordered the driver to pack all the equipment into his boot and handed him a 120 euro fine for speeding.


Anonymous said...

Damn, police have all that crap and radar... PLUS chatting on their cell phones while speeding around making a nuisance of themselves. Even though an officer's bad driving is the number one cause of police deaths, (in an otherwise safe profession), they are exempt from texting and using cell-phone-while-driving laws.

MSB said...

Typical police hater while hiding behind the keyboard... but the first to go bit%$ and call 911 when the boogey man comes.

Gareth said...

Hey anonymous, what country are you in? I only ask because I can't find that in the statute books in Germany. Any other country is irrelevant.