Sunday, December 02, 2012

Announcer keeps going as deer get onto racetrack

It was no ordinary race at the racetrack at the Meadows in Washington County. Instead of horses, three deer got onto the course on Wednesday night, and the race announcer didn’t miss a beat.

The horses were ready and the race just about to begin when three deer beat them to it, jumping onto the racetrack. What was veteran announcer Roger Huston supposed to do but do what he does best. He began calling the race that was going on.

“It’s funny, when you’re trying to think of stuff. The only two deer I could think of was Rudolph and Bambi,” said Huston, the Meadows announcer. “I forgot Dancer, Prancer, Vixen and all those others.” The deer weren’t the best racers; they had some pretty good speed, but kept going one direction and then turning around.

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“One thing that was interesting about the deer is that they were in straight alignment, whatever the older deer did, the others just followed,” said Huston. “Live TV, I just thought of every single line I could think of,” Huston added.

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