Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bag-snatching dingo destroyed after stealing British tourist's bag of cash and jewellery

A British tourist has lost several thousand dollars worth of cash and jewellery, after a dingo stole a bag containing her valuables on a New South Wales beach.

Several witnesses told police they tried to warn the 58-year-old woman that the dingo was approaching her on Jimmys Beach, just north of Newcastle last Wednesday.

One beachgoer saw the animal as it disappeared into nearby dunes carrying the bag, which contained valuable items of jewellery, cash and lollies. Police searched the area for several hours but found no trace of the bag or its contents.

Distinctive markings helped rangers to identify the rogue dingo, which has been shot and killed. The dingo, nicknamed ‘‘One Sock’’ by locals due to having one predominantly white leg, had been the subject of numerous complaints over the past three months. The offending dingo was located and euthanised with a single rifle shot.


Anonymous said...

tsss... instead of catching it & "relocating" the animal.
Nope, kill kill kill is the easiest way for us...

Anonymous said...

stupid cow was warned too and appears to have ignored it.

Candy said...

Wrong...just wrong.

Barbwire said...

Killing the dingo was uncalled-for,IMHO. That sounds more like what gun-crazy Americans would do. I thought Aussies were better than that.