Monday, December 10, 2012

Monkey wearing winter coat found alone at Ikea

Mystery surrounds a little monkey who surprised shoppers at a Toronto Ikea on Sunday. Shoppers encountered the tiny creature adorned in a shearling coat and diapers running around the store’s upper parking garage at around 2pm

“It was just running around screaming,” said shopper Bronwyn Page. “There was a crowd of us around it and it seemed really scared and agitated.” Security guards at Ikea eventually cornered the animal in the garage elevator and called police. Animal Services soon arrived at the store to pick up the tiny shopper.

“The monkey was in a bit of shock, but it’s calmed down now that we’ve been feeding it some grapes,” said a representative at the North York Animal Services Centre. “At least it’s warm and safe now ... It tried to keep warm in the coat the best that an animal of its size could.”

Animal Services said it was unclear where the monkey came from or who its owner was. Police, meanwhile, believe it is unlikely the owner will come forward. “You’ll never find out [who the owner is] because it’s illegal to have exotic animals like that in the city of Toronto,” said Const. Reid of 33 Division. “So we’ll never find out who misplaced their monkey.”


Emma said...

The owner came forward. They're being fined $240, no charges. That type of monkey is prohibited in Canada, so its not going back to them, it's going to a primate sanctuary.

Just note: it was a cold winter day yesterday. Snow, wind chill, freezing rain, you know, winter. And that Ikea parking lot is open to the elements, not covered and not heated. I don't care how warm that coat is, that monkey would have gotten cold in that car.

Those people are morons, I'm so happy they had their monkey taken away from them.

(Also, that Ikea is MADNESS during xmas! They would have been inside it for HOURS!)

-An incensed Torontonian.

arbroath said...

Thanks for all the info, Emma!