Friday, December 07, 2012

Police found malnourished calf in basement of house during domestic disturbance call

A calf was discovered in the basement of a Wisconsin home during a domestic-disturbance call on Sunday, according to police. A woman living at the residence claimed she was assaulted by her husband.

"(Police) discovered the domestic disturbance originated over the fact that the children were not feeding the cow that was being kept in the basement of the house," said Capt. Vince Sciame, of the Beloit Police Department.

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"The husband was upset that the cow hadn't been fed properly by the children, or children were supposed to feed the calf and they hadn't done so; he got upset about that and assaulted his wife." Police said the calf was malnourished. The calf is several weeks old and it’s not clear where it came from.

The house was deemed uninhabitable by city officials and the family is facing building-code violations. They were also cited on suspicion of keeping livestock in the city. Police transported the calf to University of Wisconsin Veterinary Hospital and said the calf has since been adopted by a shelter.

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