Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Police officer saved baby's life in runaway shopping cart incident

Adam Brunclik, a part-time police officer in Spooner, Wisconsin, was on a routine patrol when a baby in a shopping cart rolled out a store parking lot towards a busy road at an alarming rate of speed. He quickly realized something was horribly wrong.

He quickly ran after the cart, and grabbed the little boy inside, who amazingly, was uninjured. "The mother met me on the other side of the hill, she was running down the hill herself pretty fast. She was just hysterical," Officer Brunclik said.

"It's not often that officers have something like that happen right in front of them, but he was in the right place at the right time. He still had to take action, quick action to possibly save that child's life," says Spooner Police Chief Robert Andrea.

YouTube link.

Officer Brunclik received an award the Spooner Police Department for his heroic actions. Officer Brunclik doesn't even know the name of baby he saved, because he says he gave him back to his mother, then had to run off to another call immediately after.

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