Friday, January 04, 2013

Chinese men compete in 'Frozen for 24 Hours' contest

Four contestants in Changsha City of China’s Hunan province put their minds and bodies to the test on Sunday and Monday, taking part in a competition called “Frozen for 24 hours.”

They stayed inside a small “ice room”,  its temperature kept at a cooling 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Once inside, they were not allowed to eat, drink, sleep or wear warm clothing.

Braving freezing conditions is nothing new for these men though. Cui Deyi is a record holder for arctic swimming, and, Wang Baoyu, has received many awards for similar low-temperature stunts.

YouTube link.

Just one of the original four men had to quit after 14 hours. The other three made it all the way to 24 hours. After their triumphant win, the men were rewarded with something warm to wear. They were also taken to hospital, just to make sure everything was fine.

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