Thursday, January 17, 2013

Man beaten and robbed after defecating while making love with prostitute

A Zimbawean man was given a thrashing by a group of prostitutes last week after he soiled himself in the midst of having making love with one of them. The unidentified man is believed to have travelled from Zvimba to Tekkerai Court where he was briefly detained as he was forced to clean up his poo.

Carol, the prostitute, informed her fellow workers about the incident who then ordered him to clean the whole room and the toilet. Carol said: "All my feelings faded after he soiled himself while we were caressing and kissing. I suspect that he was using juju because this is my second time to witness such a strange phenomenon and I informed my friends about it.

"My friends are the ones who called you guys and he asked for forgiveness but we ordered him to clean the whole room including the toilet." A lady only identified as Miranda, had given Carol a 'base' in her apartment and she led the onslaught on the embarrassed man.

"I thrashed him although my friends were sympathising with him. I took the US$15 he had on him. I am going to use the money to buy perfumes and detergents to make my room smell better," said Miranda. After the man finished cleaning the room, the door was opened for him and he took to his heels.

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