Friday, January 25, 2013

Man bit ostrich to death as part of suicide bid

A man was rescued by police at a zoo in Shaoguan City, China, on January 19 after a bizarre suicide attempt. The man, Li, 27, from Yunnan Province, attacked an ostrich in the zoo and bit it to death in front of onlookers, including children and elderly people.

He then slashed his wrists as police were called. Xu Jianwen, deputy head of Datang Road police station said  that when he arrived at the scene, Li was highly excitable and simulated firing a gun at the policemen.

Li was covered in blood when police arrived. As he began to lose strength, Li lay on the ostrich’s corpse like a pillow before police approached him tentatively. He offered little resistance as police dragged him away. He was rushed to hospital where his condition soon stabilized.

Contains blood and dead ostrich.

YouTube link.

A suicide note was found on him. The note urged his parents to have a good life, saying there was no need to worry about him anymore. Li works as a security guard and has been described by colleagues as an introvert who is unusually quiet when at work. He was also described as being straight-forward.


Anonymous said...

Why did the ostrich have to die for him? Idiot

Ratz said...

Initially I misread this as "Man bit to death by ostrich as part of suicide bid" and thought this was a pretty painful, messy and unique way to die.

Did he roll in grain first?

But no, he was just a tit.