Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Man charged with assault after allegedly attacking brother with urn full of ashes

Police arrested and charged a man with felonious assault after he reportedly smashed an urn full of human ashes over his brother's head.

Joel Perez, 23, of Lorain, Ohio, is behind bars on charges of resisting arrest, felonious assault and domestic violence after the Jan. 18 attack. Police were called out for a domestic violence incident. Officers arrived on scene and witnessed Joel Perez smashing a blue urn with human ashes over Perez's brother's head.

Perez also threatened to kill his brother. The urn smashing created a cloud of powder and knocked Perez's brother unconscious. Officers also located cuts all over the brother's body. Officers took Perez to the ground in an attempt to make an arrest. During the arrest, Perez fought with officers on the ground.

At the same time, unknowingly during their struggle, both officers on scene tasered Perez. Perez continued fighting off police. Officers were finally able to take him into custody. He was transported to the Lorain County Jail. It is unknown what the brothers were arguing about or whose ashes were in the urn.

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