Saturday, January 26, 2013

Man owns up to building five-foot tall snow penis

Sculpting a five-foot tall snow penis beside a roundabout during the dead of night is a tricky job, according to the man who built one in Stamford, Lincolnshire. Rob Sumner dived into the hedgerows several times to avoid being spotted by police during the 40 minutes it took him to construct the ice sculpture.

Twenty-one-year-old Rob said: "I didn't know if they would see the funny side or not, so I thought it best to hide. "Friends told me two police officers had knocked it down tonight - so taking cover while I was building it was probably the best move." By the time Rob started the sculpture, he had already built five other penises - of varying sizes - around the town.

"I don't sleep very well and after a friend asked me to build one in his driveway the idea kind of snowballed. I started shortly after midnight on Wednesday and finished about 5am - although I did pop home a to dry my gloves and fill my flask. By the time I went off to work in Cambridge shortly after 6am my back was killing me."

"I picked a penis because I knew it would get a reaction - whether good or bad. And I chose the verge near the roundabout because I knew lots of people would see it there. I think most people have seen the funny side. It's the first time I've done anything like this - although I have made a snowman before when I was a kid."

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