Friday, January 18, 2013

Remote control-licking intruder who cooked pie in his underwear avoids jail

A man who broke down the door of a stranger’s home in Salisbury, Maryland, where police later found him sitting in his underwear and licking a remote control, pleaded guilty to first-degree burglary and has been given a suspended jail sentence.

Russell Neff, 23, who also reportedly cooked a chicken pot pie from the homeowner’s freezer during the invasion. While neither police nor prosecutors know what substance or substances Neff was on during the burglary because they did not test his blood, the police report said Neff wasn’t aware of his surroundings when he was detained.

Neff was charged in August after a retired police officer heard someone banging on his door at about 10:23pm After yelling at Neff to go away, the man went upstairs to lock himself in a room and call 911, as Neff broke down his side door.

When deputies entered the house, they found Neff sitting in a chair in the living room in nothing but his underwear, licking the remote control. Neff reportedly resisted arrest but was detained. Neff has now been admitted to a drug treatment court programme. He was sentenced to 10 years, with all but time served suspended.


Anonymous said...

Cooked pie in his underwear? That's quite a feat!

Ratz said...

Have you never heard of hot pants?

Fumble Bum said...

Best. Post. Title. EVER!