Thursday, January 10, 2013

Smurfs surrender over 7-Eleven attack

The boys in blue have caught up with four blue men, all of whom were dressed as Smurfs, who have been arrested over an assault at a 7-Eleven store in Melbourne, Australia.

A 37-year-old Pascoe Vale man was buying cigarettes at a convenience store when he was approached by a man painted blue and dressed as a character from the 1980s cartoon show. The Smurf asked for a cigarette and was offered one, but he demanded the man light the cigarette before handing it over. The man refused and was later assaulted.

The group in fancy dress appeared to be trying to jump-start a white VS Commodore and had asked for help from a woman at a nearby car park before they met the Pascoe Vale man. On Tuesday, police called for the smoking Smurf and three Smurf mates to come forward over the assault on December 16.

LiveLeak link.

Police said they believed the Smurfs may have vital information. Four men handed themselves in to police after the appeal. Two 19-year-old Broadmeadows men, a 19-year-old Greenvale man and an 18-year-old Jacana man were arrested, interviewed and released. They are expected to be charged on summons with assault-related offences, police said.

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