Sunday, February 03, 2013

Explosion destroyed washing machine in spider hunt

Police believe a spider may have been the cause, albeit indirectly, of an explosion at a home in Australia yesterday.

Emergency services were called to the home in  Kirribilli, New South Wales, shortly after 1pm, after an explosion blew out the bathroom and kitchen windows and destroyed a washing machine.

A 66-year-old woman told police and fire fighters she’d seen a spider on her washing machine and sprayed it with an insecticide, however, it ran under the machine.

She sprayed more insecticide under the washing machine and fire investigators believe the motor ignited the spray, triggering the explosion. The washing machine was destroyed. The homeowner was treated by NSW Ambulance Paramedics at the scene after sustaining singed hair and blurred vision. There was no sign of the spider.


Brixter said...

It would be funny if the Spider was still alive and then mocked the granny for trying to kill him ;-)

Annemarie said...

A friend who used to work for the gasboard told me this story.
He got called to a possible gas explosion at a house and when he got there , the front door was blown off and there was a burnt out vacuum cleaner in the garden.
A woman was vacuuming in the hall when a mouse ran across the floor and was pulled into the cleaner. Concerned that it was just mangled and not dead, she emptied a can of camping gas into the dust bag, waited a bit then switched the cleaner back on to continue.
You can guess the rest ;)

arbroath said...

Hahaha, Annemarie! :)