Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flaming bag of dog poo on doorknob started blaze

The old flaming-bag-of-dog-poo prank got out of control early on Saturday morning and set a Pennsylvania family's front door on fire. That's probably because the pranksters made a fundamental error.

For those unfamiliar, it involves putting dog faeces in a paper bag, setting it in front of a target's door, settng it on fire, then ringing the doorbell and running. The idea is for the target to stomp on the bag.

But in this case, the flaming bag of faeces was hung from the front doorknob of a home in Dover County, Northern York County Regional Police said. Residents of the home awoke to their smoke alarms sounding and realized their home was filled with smoke.

One of the residents was able to extinguish the blaze. Damage is estimated at $2,000. Anyone with information on who left the burning bag is asked to call police.

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