Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Six-year-old girl crashed mother’s BMW in bid to visit her dad

Several vehicles were damaged after a 6-year-old girl determined to get to her father, took her mother’s car for a joyride. According to emergency dispatchers, a 6-year-old girl took her mother’s BMW from their home shortly after 9 am on Sunday.

The girl intended to drive to Garfield to see her father, but struck several cars before coming to a stop near an intersection. Police say the girl took the car while her mother was asleep in their Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania, home. No one was injured during her adventure, but several neighbours just barely made it out of the way.

“When she was coming toward me, I was like, ‘what is she doing?’” neighbour Rommie Hawkins said. “I couldn’t tell it was a young girl at the time, so I kind of just stepped behind the tree. She hit the kerb here, then she took off and I was looking at her, that’s when I saw that she was a child and I was like, “stop, stop, stop.’”

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But she didn’t stop, instead she continued up the street, hitting several parked cars. Eventually the girl lost control of the car and backed into a neighbour’s yard and hit a pole. Hawkins ran over to check on the girl, who was not injured in the process. After the car stopped, police and the girl’s father showed up to take her home.


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