Sunday, March 17, 2013

Man jailed for burgling house to satisfy underwear fetish

A man who has a sexual fetish for stealing underwear was jailed for two years and ten months after admitting burglary. Allan Bartlett, 39, of  Newport, south Wales, entered the home of Leon Spargo in Newport on August 26 last year, searching for items in the washing-machine and in a washing basket.

But after being disturbed and chased by Mr Spargo, Bartlett ran away from the property, slipping twice as he did so and causing underwear and other various items he had stolen to fall to the floor. Bartlett, who has a number of previous convictions for burglary, appeared via video link at Cardiff Crown Court for sentencing, having pleaded guilty to burglary. He had originally denied the charge but later changed his plea.

Prosecuting, Ieuan Morris said Bartlett has a sexual fetish for stealing underwear and had entered the home at around 5.30am. After opening the washing machine and searching in a basket for items, he ran off when Mr Spargo became aware of movement in the house and heard plates crashing to the floor. Mr Spargo chased Bartlett, who was also carrying a pair of jeans, but was forced to stop the chase after he himself slipped.

After Mr Spargo identified Bartlett, police visited the defendant’s home and found the stolen jeans, which were identified by Mr Spargo. A police search of his home found three plastic bags containing traces of white powder found to be amphetamine sulphate. Representing Bartlett, Nigel Fryer said the defendant had taken up education courses while in custody. Judge Neil Bidder, QC, sentenced Bartlett to two years and 10 months’ imprisonment for burglary and one month’s imprisonment for possession of amphetamine.

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