Thursday, March 28, 2013

Naked man's rampage caught on camera

Video has emerged of a naked man's rampage through the main business strip in Dandenong, Melbourne, Australia. The bearded man terrorised lunchtime shoppers last Friday week as he made his way from Dandenong train station into town.

Police and Protective Services Officers attempting to subdue the man, who had been accused of assaulting a man at the train station, with pepper spray and batons as he reaches the intersection of Foster and Lonsdale streets. Steve Rawson witnessed the drama. "He's punched out these people at the traffic lights and then continued on punching people in the face until the cops arrived," he said.

Mr Rawson said the man appeared to be impervious to pain. "It was incredible. This bloke just wouldn't go down. They emptied cans of pepper spray into his face and it was just foaming on his face and he just did not feel it. He just kept walking," he said.

LiveLeak link. Contains two additional NSFW videos.

The footage shows shoppers calling 000 as the man punches a passer-by. Moments later he is seen lashing out at a police officer, who douses him with pepper spray to no effect. The man is also struck by police with a baton repeatedly before he succumbs. A 43-year-old man was treated for capsicum spray exposure before being taken to Dandenong Hospital for assessment. Police Association secretary Sen-Sgt Greg Davies said the video showed the dangers of police work and that pepper spray was not always effective.


Anonymous said...

Is this a joke? What the hell are the police doing? Are they too scared to tackle him or even touch him?

Anonymous said...

When someone is running around hitting people, naked, possibly drug affected, and infected with who knows what, its an extremely poor idea to tackle somebody, especially when they have nothing to loose. The cops could tackle him and can do nothing more than cuff him or hold him while somebody else cuffs him. That guy could belt the absolute shit out of the cops and get the same charges he would get for spitting on them, if life was as simple as what you think i doubt we would even need cops