Friday, March 29, 2013

Oddly-dressed would-be thief tripped up after tripping alarm

A bungling burglar has been caught on CCTV attempting to break into a California store. The strangely-shaped and oddly-dressed suspect at first just peers through the window at Kent's Meats & Groceries in Redding.

YouTube link.

But he returns moments later having "disguised" himself by pulling a black hood over his head. He then stumbles around before throwing a rock at the glass door. That triggered the store's very loud alarm, sending the would-be thief running.

But as he attempts to flee, the man trips up over a kerb in the car park. Police responding to the alert on March 5 at around 1am found the shattered window but no suspect. The store's owner Kent Pfrimmer is used to attempted break-ins but none quite as farcical as this.

YouTube link.

"I didn't even look at the video for two or three days or so but then I kept hearing people commenting about how funny he looked and how funny it was," he said. "I think we're pretty fortunate. He don't look too intelligent to me." The suspect is however still at large.

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