Thursday, April 11, 2013

Man apprehended at courthouse with two bottles of beer and a live duck

An alert security officer  confiscated two bottles of beer and a live duck from the bag of a probationer entering the Oahu courthouse in Honolulu on Monday morning.

The officer found the contraband as a 50-foot line of probationers wended their way through security on the way to see their probation officers. The security guard said the man with the concealed duck appeared to be intoxicated at 8:30am

She could not identify the concealed duck on the X-ray; she could, however, spot the two 40-oz. bottles of beer. The guard asked the man to open his bag, and he refused.

She grabbed it and he pulled back, causing a ruckus that alerted other sheriff's deputies, who rushed over and demanded the bag. The man refused, saying, "I have a live animal in there!" He was immobilized and handcuffed. The officers opened his bag and found two bottles of beer and a live duck.

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Barbwire said...

Another brilliant picture!